What is a Strimplate?

Strimplate is a patented mass transfer device, which is suitable for absorption, gas cooling, gas cleaning, gas drying and distillation applications.

Strimplate is based on well established technical principles, which have been demonstrated in earlier formats in over 200 applications.

Technology confirmation

It shows a mass transfer coefficient three to four times better than the listed column internals at 14-68 has been measured.

Consider a Car windscreen in the rain

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The Strimplate technology approach has been confirmed using the comparative method set out in 14-68 of the seventh edition of Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook.

Aerodynamics versus Gravity

Transfer Driving Forces

Two Components

  1. Chemistry and Physics

  1. Transfer Mechanism

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Mass  Transfer Coefficient

90 kg Moles / ( hr . m3 . Atm )